LadySlipper Inn Bed & Breakfast Osage, Minnesota


Our new health guidelines, require that our rooms remain vacant for a minimum of 24 hours between guests. Because of this, we require a two-night minimum stay for all reservations. We also require that all guests have been completely vaccinated and if requested, can show proof. Masks are to be worn in our public spaces (sunroom and hallway).

We appreciate knowing your estimated arrival time (a two-hour window of time) so we can be here to greet you. When possible, we try to accommodate earlier check-ins. Please contact us to see if arrangements can be made.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, there are no pets allowed, and there is no smoking or use of any tobacco/nicotine products, or open flame candles allowed in the Inn. Out of courtesy to our guests, we are an adults-only establishment. If you are reserving multiple rooms, children may be acceptable with advance arrangements.

We’re happy to give tours to our guest’s friends and family, but all additional guests to our property must be pre-approved and additional fees may apply.

Reservations are guaranteed with your credit card or by check. There are no refunds for cancellations seven or less days prior to your arrival, unless we are able to re-book your room. For reservations of more than a single room, we request a longer notice and will confirm details at time of reservation.