LadySlipper Inn Bed & Breakfast Osage, Minnesota


The original property includes a farmhouse built in the mid 1950’s by Norm and Minnie Zauche and 160-acres of woodland, meadows, two spring-fed ponds, and a trout stream. Norm was a forest ranger about to be married and his future wife refused to live at the ranger station with a bunch of men. Norm looked over the land from atop the fire tower and discovered this beautiful property that he purchased and built on. To this day, many local families still refer to LadySlipper’s spring-fed ponds as the Zauche Ponds.

John and Pat Corbid purchased the farmhouse and surrounding land in the late 80’s. They followed their vision to build a bed and breakfast in Minnesota and opened the LadySlipper Inn in 1993.

John and Pat moved the former Nevis Catholic Church to the LadySlipper property in 2003. This historic building is over almost ninety-years old and is used as the Lodge for our guests. The building features vintage glass windows and refinished hardwood floors. It is a beautiful, warm space perfect for family gatherings, reunions, showers, retreats, weddings, and parties of all types.

In 2013, John and Pat officially retired and sold the LadySlipper Inn to their niece and her husband, Nadine and Mike Paplow.

Nadine and Mike were married in Park Rapids over 30 years ago, Their careers led them to Wisconsin for the past 20 years where they raised their children. They are excited to return to an area they have always loved and where a purple and gold Vikings jacket is always welcome.